Mennat-Allah El Dorry   ( : 242635563)

Mennat-Allah El Dorry has a PhD in Egyptology with a focus on archaeobotanical analysis. Her research revolves around food and agriculture, exploring how people sourced and prepared food and investigating plant husbandry and the trade of agricultural products. Her work has particularly focussed on monastic diets, food procurement, and wine production in Egyptian monasteries, and she has worked extensively on multiple archaeological sites, including Merimde Beni Salama, Buto, Elephantine, Plinthine, and Wadi al-Natrun. She has also served in a number of positions at the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, the last of which was Head of the Minister’s Scientific Office. In 2017, El Dorry was awarded the first post-doctoral fellowship offered jointly by the Institut français d'archéologie orientale (IFAO) and the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology's (PCMA) Research Centre in Cairo where she organised an international conference on food in Egypt and Sudan. More recently, she was guest editor of Rawi: Egypt’s